No, Wait. NOW My Life is Complete

So, it’s been a while since I posted on here, as nothing too exciting was really happening. Well, the highlight of my life happened last month, so let me explain.

I’ll start off by giving some backstory. I moved to Brooklyn, NY a few months ago with no job prospects (except for the design job I was already working from home), no friends, no anything. I applied and applied and applied, and then one day, I got a call from George Blume at CBS Sports Network asking if I would be interested in a freelance design position with them. My answer: Of course! After about a month and a half of working with them, I heard that some of the work we had done was showing in Times Square. So two of my co-workers, one of my friends, and myself endured Times Square for the best moment of my life. After waiting for the content rotation for about 10 minutes, there it was. Our Thursday Night Football campaign for the Packers vs. Vikings game was up in Times Square right above Chevy’s. Never in my life had I been happier, but I knew it was just the first to come in my career highlights.


Watch the video here: Times Square Video

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